Help when you need it


3  fold  protection  from:
  • Smoke asphyxiation during fires
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning from boilers & fossil fuel burners
  • Gas explosion from a gas leak

  • Actifan's 3 fold protection saves lives through fan powered smoke & gas ventilation, an essential element of household fire & gas safety.
  •   Whereas conventional alarm systems warn the able bodied to escape, Actifan also provides temporary refuge for those who are trapped by fire, unconscious or  incapacitated,  or simply told to  "stay put" in many multi-storey buildings.  
  •  Heat & smoke rise through buildings and collect in  attic rooms or upper floors.  In multi-storey buildings  smoke travels up stairways & through passages to infiltrate individual apartments away from the source of the fire.
  • Fitting Actifan at the window where someone could be  trapped by fire, will rapidly reduce smoke density & the risk of asphyxiation by forcibly expelling smoke & circulating fresh air,  thus improving their chance of survival:    (reference document A).
  • Gas cookers, boilers & other fossil fuel burning fires can also leak deadly poisonous & explosive gases.   Actifan fitted to a fanlight window nearby will rapidly expel the gas from the window & prevent carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions from volatile gas leakage.

Help when you need it most,  & for those who need it most.