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Powered Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilation (PSHEV)  reduces smoke density, saving  lives by maintaining a breathable atmosphere.  Actifan is the only household PSHEV specifically designed to safeguard loft conversions & is a twice patented British invention.  You can't buy Actifan online or in store yet.  In fact initially it will only be available when installed by accredited loft conversion companies who are responding to this offer.

Your company can become an Actifan accredited installer through buying innovation shares.  If you do, you'll get cost price  Actifan sets to install in keeping with the number of shares you buy. The proceeds from our sale of innovation shares will be used exclusively towards manufacturing costs which are  upwards of £180,000 for an initial  production run of 1000 Actifan sets.

Buying  up to 4 innovation shares at £2,400 each will entitle you to  12 cost price Acifan sets  (£200 each*) for each share you buy.   That's £4,800 overall cost for one share & 12 Actifan sets you can have as soon as they are manufactured.  Or  £9,600 for 2 shares & 24 Actifan sets.

The better deal is when  you purchase 5 shares or more (costing £12,000 upwards),  which entitles you to buy any number of cost price Actifan sets in batches of 10 (£2000 per batch) for the same number of years as the number of shares you buy.  ​  That's 10 years open ended cost price supply for buying 10 shares (costing £24,000).  The recommended (retail) installed price is £500  per Actifan set.

As you can see, this is a very profitable  offer.  Because we know this product is waiting to happen worldwide, whilst UK  loft conversion companies can  kick start  the market & start saving lives.   So you deserve the lions share of Actifan profits in return for investing  &  your commitment to safety.

Because smoke rises copiously into attics, occupants are at very  high risk of smoke asphyxiation when a fire break out.  Actifan fitted to the window responds to the alarms, preventing;

- Deaths from smoke inhalation
- Carbon monoxide poisoning from fossil fuel burning appliances &
- The build up of volatile gas leading to gas explosions.​

Actifan  also has;
Wireless remote window & integral fan control
Optional thermostatic window control
Sloping window closure in the rain (re-opening when dry)
3 speed  integral fan extraction, or 2 speed interior air circulation.

An Actifan set is everything you need for the Actifan installation which requires no more than basic DIY skills & an hour of your time.  Allocated sets must be registered installed with us, because Actifan needs an annual service  & replacement batteries in 'the listener module.'  

What's that you say "The listener module?"    Yes, its mounted next to the smoke or gas alarm & has penny batteries which last a year. 

1.   You commit to buy however many innovation shares you want.  We do some sums & contact  'share reservees' firstly with the total value of  reserved shares. With enough reservations we'll then ask for payments & proceed directly to manufacture. We'll carry on keeping you well informed too, & work with you to  promote safer homes & loft conversions.

2.  We manufacture & distribute Actifan sets to innovation share holders as soon as they arrive with us, or when required.  

3. You recommend, supply  & install Actifan for your customers.  They buy a much safer loft conversion, becoming more focused on fire  safety, air quality & temperature control.   They might also have gas safety in mind, perhaps nearby an appliance downstairs.  Or out of reach windows in need of remote control for potentially disabled users.  Any number of Actifans can be fitted to different windows for gas, carbon monoxide or fire safety, operating independently or in unison.

4. Actifan maintenance contracts are available subject to training, terms & conditions. 
The Innovation Shares Scheme is for loft conversion companies committed to home safety.  Its a profitable & responsible way to invest end of year company profits, so why not speak to your accountant now whilst shares are still available.

You can email for our innovation shareholding reservation form now, or just browse the other Actifan webpages to see what's what.   You may have some questions.  There's Mk1 for sloping windows & Mk11 for upright windows. The Actifan set comprises an uninterruptable plug mounted power supply;  the window mechanism;  the 'alarm listener' module;  & Mk1 sets also include a rain sensor.   Installation video, parts & service will all be available plus one year's manufacturing warranty. 

I am Andrew Haynes, designer & project manager of Actifan development, manufacturing & distribution.   My email is [email protected]

I will be happy to speak to you, answer questions or demonstrate the product. The videos are also very informative, but please be aware we no longer supply any actual alarms seen on video. We have developed  the Listener module which responds to all makes of  alarm instead.

Thanks for considering our proposal.

 *  Subject to changing manufacturing costs & currency exchange rates.